Be job-ready.

Finding it hard to land a job in financial services? Probably because you don’t have experience, but you can’t get experience without a job. For employers, the most suitable employee needs to be job-ready and have the right experience with real-world knowledge of the industry. So how do you become job-ready and an experienced candidate without a job?

That’s where we come in.

Spark Careers' Training and Job Placement program is everything you need to become more experienced. Through our training program you’ll learn exactly what employers look for in an employee – thorough knowledge of products, processes, and strategies – and substantially improve your communication skills.

With Spark Careers, you’ll get two years worth of experience in just two months. You can learn it all through our intensive and comprehensive program - from understanding the processes of advice, liaising with business units, speaking with precision and affability. These skills normally take years of industry experience to develop, but Spark Careers guides you to be the ideal employee.

If you’ve graduate with great scores from our program and demonstrate stellar communication skills, we will connect you with potential employers through our Placement Program. We’ll organise interviews with great financial advisory firms, and provide you with career guidance and interview tips. Going through the Spark Careers training program will give you the upper-hand in the job market.

Kickstart your career.

Available as a day or evening course.

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