Don't be afraid of a Career Change.

Life is too short to be stuck in an inflexible job with unfulfilling work and long hours. Let go of repetitive structure and be open to taking the first step towards a better career.

The Spark Careers stepping stone.

Our Financial Planning Training and Job Placement program is everything you need to get a new job in Financial Services. Work in an exciting, fast-paced industry that’s always evolving. Solve big problems with great solutions. Help clients further their lives, and receive the satisfaction of doing work that’s interesting, innovative, and important.

With Spark Careers, you’ll learn all you need to know in one comprehensive program. You'll gain thorough knowledge of financial products, processes and strategies. And learn exactly what employers are looking for in one comprehensive program. 

Understand the processes of advice. Liaise with business units. Speak with precision and affability. You'll get two years worth of experience in just two months. 

And if you’ve graduated our program with excellent scores and demonstrate stellar communication skills, we’ll kickstart your new career by connecting you with potential employers. In our placement program, we’ll organise interviews with great financial advisory firms, and provide you with career guidance and interview tips. Going through the Spark Careers training program will give you the upper-hand in the job market.


Available as a day or evening course.

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