Females in Finance: Become Empowered by Numbers

Who run the world? GIRLS. And it’s not just Beyoncé who knows it. Once upon a time finance may have been a man’s world, but these days women are also making their mark as successful financial advisors and brokers.

With International Women’s Day just last week, I felt it was the perfect time to celebrate all the fantastic women in finance right now. One person whose journey has inspired me is Lina, manager in analysis and advice at a boutique financial advisory firm. Graduating in 2013 with double majors in Finance and Marketing, her career has only continued to skyrocket towards success. I decided to find out the secrets behind her achievements.

Playing with numbers

Lina says she has always excelled in maths over art and languages. Number crunching and analysing came easy to her. She breezed through her first few years of university, enjoying a lively social life as most students do. It was only when she approached the end of her undergraduate degree that she started thinking about what she really wanted to do for her career. It was time to woman up and takes responsibility for her future.

Climbing to the top

Lina found her first internship at a financial planning firm through Gumtree. During the four-month internship she worked on research and client servicing. It was a steep learning curve but she survived. After her internship, she was offered a four-month part-time role as an associate at the company.

When her first associate role ended, Lina was hired by another financial service company, where she currently works. She was promoted to senior associate after just three months, and reached manager level three months after that. She currently manages analysis and advice.

How does she do it?

Lina says that a company that truly cares for their employees helps them grow. But she’s also being modest. Lina is a hard worker. She asks questions and takes initiative with work – even working overtime to get things done.

Lina’s path to success continues as she aims to become a financial advisor within the next three years. She says that with financial advising you’re not just working with numbers – you’re working with people to achieve their goals in life. You build relationships with clients and get to know them.

Lina hopes to become the assertive, confident yet caring financial advisor she dreams to be. In the meanwhile, she strives to observe, learn and practise as much as she can. Her intricate understanding of the world makes her wise beyond her years. Knowing Lina, she has the persistence and strength to achieve anything she puts her mind towards.

Lina’s journey is an inspiration for young women to leap past boundaries and pursue their dream career in finance. It’s time for women to show the world their worth. Become empowered by numbers.