Our mission


Practical experience is essential to get the career you want, but finding quality experience is challenging. We don’t think it needs to be so difficult. We connect talented individuals with employers who demand excellence. This is why Spark Careers exists.

As a financial adviser and mortgage broker, I know that finding the right people is hard, and training them to do the job is even harder. That’s why we recruit individuals with the drive to succeed, and give them all the tools they need to exceed employer expectations.

Adrian Patty, Director


What people are saying

"Spark's case studies, interview training and exposure to real office operations allowed me to attain my career change which otherwise wouldn't have been possible."

Mattia Ravanelli

“When I was an undergraduate student, Spark was the stepping stone that launched me into my current financial planning and mortgage broking role.”

Gillian Leung

"Spark pulled me out of my comfort zone with unique and pragmatic teaching, and has also broadened my passion to make a difference through financial planning."

Muhammad Ammar

"The pace of learning is intense, but ultimately you obtain rewarding industry experience which will serve as a strong foundation for success in your future career in finance."

Anna Sobur