What we believe

We think talent is more important than experience.

At Spark Careers, the only thing that matters is offering the right job to the right people. This means a rigorous screening process for both you and your potential employer. We look for candidates with the practical ability and theoretical knowledge to excel in financial services, regardless of experience.


How it works

Sign up for Spark Careers and get access to all available positions from firms within our network of employers. Simply browse our selection and choose positions that most interest you. Or find our jobs on Seek, CareerOne, and Indeed.

Through our application process, we'll make sure you have the skills and experience necessary for the position. If we identify any gaps in your knowledge, we'll provide the comprehensive, practical training that Spark is known for.

We won’t just send you off to your interview. We'll help you ace it. With Spark's pre-interview coaching, we'll work with you to effectively articulate your unique skills and abilities, ensuring you make a great impression.

To ensure you're performing as well as you can, you'll receive access to our complete library of online resources. And for 90 days after placement, you have the option of taking additional training to boost any areas of your knowledge.


What to expect

We've developed an application process that's rigorous yet straightforward.


Online Application

Submit your CV and answer some simple questions about your job preferences, expectations, and previous jobs.


Job-Specific testing

Complete our benchmarking test to ensure you meet employer standards.



We’ll sit down and have a friendly chat to get to know you and your career goals in more detail.